Spring Capsule Shoe MVPs

whoorl spring capsule shoes

Okie dokie, artichokies. As you know, I altered the rules and excluded shoes from my spring capsule for reasons stated here, but mainly because I decided, hey, I would actually like to wear all the shoes that I already own. (I know! I’m SO DIFFICULT.)

I’ve been asked about the shoes I’ll be wearing over the next few months, so I spent a little time sitting on my closet floor and coming up with my Spring MVPs for you all. These aren’t the only shoes I’ll be wearing, but they will probably be on my tootsies the majority of the time. All of these shoes (besides the black platform sandals) were already in my closet before this season’s capsule started.

Leather Braided Sandal – I love that I can wear these day and night, and although I usually find tapered heels uncomfortable, these are easy to wear all day. Less expensive option here.

Black Perforated Slip On – These shoes are so awesome that all sorts of brands are knocking them off for up t0 5 times more moolah. Kind of ridiculous, if you ask me. Stick with the tried and true. Vans, man.

Birkenstock Gizeh in Black – I’ve already sung the praises of this shoe. They make my grandma back feel like a dream.

Leopard Flat – Classic. Go with everything. Done. Less expensive option here.

D’Orsay Flat – These go from day to night, and I love the simple design. Less expensive option here.

Black Platform Sandals – My current favorite. I feel like a Charlie’s Angel when I wear them around town. Less expensive option here.

Tan Booties – You know the drill…I own these booties in three colors because they are the most comfortable shoe ever. Like, I could run a mile in them. But I won’t because, um, stupid. Less expensive option here.

Rain Boots – It’s been raining cats and dogs here in Oklahoma, so these boots are getting plenty of wear. Less expensive option here.

Silver Oxfords – My all-time, forever-and-ever favorite. I wear these shoes all the livelong day. In fact, I could start another Instagram account solely for my adventures in these shoes because they are always on my feet. The ones I have aren’t available anymore, but I just found these and they look like a great substitute.

Open-Toe Woven Bootie – These are my out-on-the-town shoes. I love that the leather is heavy enough that I can wear them year-round. I also wear this pair, which is less expensive, and apparently, according to my friend, looks like something “I would wear to a sex show.” (???) Another less expensive option here.

There you have it! What shoes will be your MVPs this season?

  1. Sam

    April 16, 2015 at 8:55 am

    Are the no.6 sandals comfy? I have been eying them for a bit but don’t have a place I can try them on.


    • whoorl

      May 1, 2015 at 12:34 pm

      Love ’em! So comfy.