Sitting Pretty

Last week, I received a $100 gift card from BlogHer and EsteeLauder.com to check out Estee Lauder’s newly revamped website. (Dude. Free makeup. And when I say “free makeup”, I’m making it sound just like Oprah introducing something cool. You know, FREE MAAAAAKEUUUUUP.) I must admit, Estee Lauder isn’t one of my usual brands for cosmetics, but I was interested to see what products and features the new website had available.

First things first. If you know me at all, you know I can’t stand cluttered websites. I like designs to be clean, modern and straight-forward. The homepage was just that – I could easily find and access the different content tabs, and the drop-down navigation was fairly intuitive.

After poking around a bit, I found my own little spot of nirvana – the Looks & Tips tab. Like I mentioned last week, I’ve recently become a big fan of YouTube “how-to” videos. (And by “big fan”, I mean staring vapidly at my laptop for hours on end while attempting victory rolls in my hair OVER AND OVER AND OVER.) Well, Estee Lauder has their own “how-to” videos featuring this season’s new colors and trends. I really liked how the corresponding products featured in the video are listed in a sidebar while the video plays, but I really wish I could access that list without having to replay the entire video again.

Also, the “Model Looks” section was really fun – it’s nice to see what exact shades the Estee Lauder models are wearing. (Although, Estee Lauder? Do you think you could include a model who doesn’t have blue eyes and blond/light brown hair? I would love to see these looks on differing skin and eye colors!)

Beyond the cool How-To section, they also have a new skincare and foundation finder, which is like your personal 1990’s awesome Cosmopolitan quiz. The skincare finder gave me some good ideas, but I do believe when it comes to foundation, you need to see it in person. Am I right? I’m just not sure I could trust an online color match.

All in all, the website has some good tips and features a streamlined navigation. Plus, I was able to stock up on one of my all-time favorite lip liners, the Automated Lip Liner Duo. If you are looking for a neutral, pinky-brown Your Lips But Better shade, you can’t go wrong with Fig. Trust me.

Thanks to Blogher and Estee Lauder.com!

  1. Laura

    December 4, 2008 at 8:15 pm

    I used to work behind the Estee Lauder counter (I prefer to call it being a “make-up artist”). They have some really great products – products I’ve recently been considering forking over a lot of dough for again. Like the Idealist and Future Perfect moisturizer. My one complaint has been the way they package their eye shadows. Perhaps they’ve changed, but every shadow cube I have has fallen apart. I’m excited to check out their website now!