Red Carpet Report

My favorite part of reading magazines as a young teen was finding the little italicized blurb stating the exact brand and shade of makeup that the model was wearing in the photo. It was almost like if I bought that exact shade of lipstick/blush/eye shadow, I would look EXACTLY like the photo. Yeah, not so much. Regardless, I would make a list, save up some cash, and then head off to the mall where I would purchase said colors. (Am I the only one who did this?)

I have to admit, I still get excited when I see a gorgeous face and all the details are there for me to obsess over. Frankly, I geeked OUT when sites like Makeup411.com started years and years ago. However, now you can find out almost anything in regards to beauty products, and I especially love when they just happen to appear in my inbox.

I really enjoyed many of the understated looks at the Emmy Awards, and the Lancome team sent me a rundown of several of them. Here’s the scoop if you are interested. Who were some of your favorites from the night?



  1. Lyndsay

    September 26, 2012 at 9:19 am

    I did (still do) the same thing! From a very young age. HOwever, I have always found it very suspicious when a cover model look beyond gorgeous and they tell me she’s wearing all Cover Girl products and she happens to be a Cover Girl rep like Drew Barrymore or Sophia Vergara. You know what I mean?

    Once, I went on a hunt for Kevin Aucoin mascara that led to a road trip to Dallas. For mascara. And it wasn’t that great.

  2. John smith

    October 3, 2012 at 5:49 am

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