Pretty Gold Necklaces

whoorl gold necklaces

It comes as no surprise that I love gold necklaces.

I basically wear the same three every day (my daily go-to’s are listed here), and when I say I wear them every day, I mean it. I very rarely take them off – shower, swim, work out…they are always on. (Let’s be honest, they weren’t cheap so I’m clearly looking for some ROI.) Regardless, they are super special to me and I plan on passing them down to my daughter.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person like this. I mean, it does seem like I miss out on the fun of switching things up, but I am clearly a loyalist, through and through. Do you switch your necklaces out often or subscribe to my boring method?

My unwavering loyalty, however, certainly does not keep me from admiring necklaces from many retailers on a frequent basis, and I love that you can find gold beauties at any price point.

Here are some of my favorites, spanning from $42 to $1000+.

Some of my favorite jewelry brands are Ariel Gordon Jewelry, Aurate New York, Zoe Chicco, and Mejuri. What are some of yours?


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