Penny Candy Books


If I had to make a wager…I would put my money on the majority of you all loving books as much as I do.

(I mean, come on now, we go waaayyyyy back, don’t we? We’re friends! I’ve shared a lot. You know, about my crazy.)

((p.s. – You should whisper “my crazy” when reading that aloud. Makes it more mysterious. Yeah, whisper that too.))

(((p.p.s. – I’m no longer afflicted with GOCD, if you were wondering. Something about that second kid and being too busy to give a flying shit if your little one is licking the floor.)))

Wait. Where was I?

Oh! Yes! BOOKS. So, Penny Candy Books is new on the scene, and ohhhh so needed. Their mission is to publish children’s literature that reflects the diverse realities of the world we live in, both at home and abroad. This means seeking out books by and about people and subjects that speak to a broad range of human experience, raising up each other’s voices so that we can rise up together.

If we all can agree on one thing (especially given the current social climate), it’s that we need diverse books in the hands of our children. Am I right? If we can’t celebrate diversity with our children through the beauty of reading, how will they learn?

The first two titles from Penny Candy’s catalog are A Gift From Greensboro and The Not In Here Story.


A Gift From Greensboro (ages 5 and up) is written by Quraysh Ali Lansana with gorgeous illustrations by Skip Hill.



This book is a celebration of the magic of childhood friendship and adventure, and a meditation on growing up in the wake of the sit-ins that ushered in the Civil Rights Movement. It is such a wonderful way to initiate discussion with your children about social justice and the civil rights movement. Also, a reminder that true friendship knows no boundaries. Love this book, as it has sparked some great conversations with my kids.


The second book, to be released Nov. 8th (preorder on Amazon!), is The Not In Here Story (ages 3 and up) written by Tracey Zeeck (her tweets are some of my favorites) with illustrations by David Bizarro. This adorable yet poignant book looks at adoption through the lens of infertility, and following the same trajectory of all Penny Candy Books, opens up the lines of communication with your children about pertinent issues.


All in all, it’s such a lovely book about love and family, and Whoorlita absolutely adores it. It is currently holding the #1 spot in our bedtime story rotation. Warm fuzzies all around with this one.

Many incredible books still to come from this publisher –  you can check out the current catalog here. Cheers to Penny Candy Books for raising awareness and fostering growth and positive dialogue with our youth!