Beautycounter Mascara is Here! (My Review.)


It’s here! It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting for Beautycounter to come out with a mascara for over a year, and I got my excited little hands on it last week. Wanted to share my thoughts with you on the long-awaited Lengthening Mascara.

Well, I’ve only been wearing it for a week, but I really love it. It packs quite a punch!

Take a gander at my sad, mascara-less lashes. (Actually…my makeup-less face. Just proof at how much better your face can look with just your lashes done.)


Annnnd 2 coats of Beautycounter Mascara.


Isn’t it crazy how much more alive your face looks with just your lashes done? Amazing.

So, as you can see, the product delivers on the lengthening promise. #wowza But the mascara has a lot more going for it, as well. First, I love the skinny wand and brush – I feel like it grabs onto every single one of my lashes without clumping, which is a huge factor for me. One coat is perfect for daytime, and adding an extra just gives that extra oomph without looking too thick.

It’s only been a week, but I haven’t noticed any problems with smudging, and it washes off with the foaming face cleanser I use at night, although it is a bit more stubborn than the other green mascaras I use to get off completely. Also, when I put on multiple coats, I do notice the tiniest bit of flaking, but for the record, I’ve been scrutinizing its performance for this review. All in all, I really like it. However, will it replace my beloved Per-fekt Lash Perfection Gel? That’s a tough one…I feel like Perfekt gives a little more volume than the Beautycounter, but the Beautycounter mascara will definitely be my go-to for the daytime!

Have you tried the Beautycounter mascara yet? What are your thoughts? As always, feel free to leave me questions in the comments!


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Odds and Ends


It’s been a bit quiet over here because I’ve been in California for the past two weeks, but I’m heading back to Oklahoma this evening with a ton of fun memories. One of which was spending time in the Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kasuma at The Broad Museum in downtown LA yesterday. Unbelievable, you guys. Such an experience. I highly recommend checking out The Broad if you are in the area.

1. Students, put your laptops away. It seems taking notes by hand is the better for memory retention.

2. A couple gives up texting each other for a month, and this is what happened.

3. The Minecraft Generation. I’ve definitely got one in my household.

4. Working at Sephora isn’t a piece of cake, it seems. Wow.

5. I had a chance to do this at Mom 2.0 Summit last week, but missed the sign up. I AM SO BUMMED.

6. Almost my entire life, I’ve consumed nothing but water during the day. Until La Croix came along…and people, I’m an addict. Might need to take it to the next level with these cocktail recipes.

7. A spot-on lifestyle blogger post. Hilarious.

8. Did you see Adam Levine perform Purple Rain? Who knew he had those guitar chops?

9. The ballerinas of Cuba. Breathtaking photos.

10. I have found the perfect comfortable cotton nightie. I have in all 4 colors, ane they are perfect for wearing post-shower when getting ready or to bed. (I don’t even mind the whole leg touching thing. What has come over me?)

Happy Friday to all of you. I am SO READY to get back to my own bed. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day too!