Odds and Ends

1. I stand with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. She is bravery personified. Related: this. Also: this.

2. An American woman’s guide to surviving the workplace.

3. “The waves of incomprehension that pass over his face are a balm to my soul, like a cool breeze in a stifling summer of stupidity.” Trump truly is the laughing stock of the free world.

4. As you can see, I’m challenged in finding differing subjects this week. One more and then we’ll switch gears.

5. Have you all played with the new iOS 12 parental control tools?

6. I wrote my most comprehensive post on facial masks this week. Have a skin concern? I got ya covered!

7. This has been a rough week for many of us, here’s a bit of a break. #lasagna #wtf

8. 21 rules for raising teenage girls. Love this.

9. A fantastic piece on aging. So so good.

10. All moms should do this if they have the opportunity.

11. The best lip gloss on the planet, end of story.

12. For the first time in history, the newest Gerber baby has Down Syndrome. Bravo, Gerber. (Look at his sweet face!)

13. On this week’s Selfie podcast, I talk about recently having my aura read and we have a fantastic interview with Barrett Ward of ABLE. He is such an inspiration!

Wishing everyone a rejuvenating weekend.


My Own Curated Discovery Box at Beauty Heroes!

Oh, Maya Chia. Where do I even begin? Calm, happy, and glowing would best describe my skin after my daily rendezvous with Maya Chia products, and a couple of them have catapulted themselves to my most-beloved Holy Grail Status. My love affair with the Pure Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Seed Oil began a few years ago and I simply haven’t looked back since. Obvious alert, I have tried my fair share of face oils, but this particular oil is always in my rotation. Why? Well, first off, this oil deeply moisturizes my skin. Immediately after applying, my skin feels plump and hydrated, yet the oil absorbs almost instantaneously. It’s lightweight, incredibly soothing, and doesn’t ever leave my sensitive (and sometimes reactive) skin feeling congested or stressed. Plus, formulated with botanical extracts of Mandarin orange, lemon, and grapefruit, the scent is fresh and incredibly uplifting.

Looking for even more luminosity? If you want to take your skin to next-level glow, the Maya Chia Highlight of the Day is your new best friend. Available in four gorgeous shades, this liquid highlighter imparts the most gorgeous “lit from within” glow that will have friends begging for your secret. I can’t get enough of this serum-like highlighter – packaged in a glass dropper bottle, this liquid is chock full of skin-happy ingredients, so it’s not just makeup…it’s skincare too. I love how this formulation gives me the glow I need on the highest point of my cheekbones, as well as softening the look of my fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. Win, win.

The beauty of these two products is that they pair magnificently with each other, as well as other serums and treatments. I always use the Supercritical oil as the last step in my beauty routine to lock in all the skin-loving goodness I’ve bestowed upon my skin each morning and evening. As for the Highlight of the Day, one day I might dab a little bit on the high points of my face (and even my collarbone and shoulders before a special night out), while other days I’m more apt to mix a few drops into my foundation for an all-over glow. Quite versatile products, through and through.

I’m thrilled to announce that Beauty Heroes offered me the chance to curate my own discovery box featuring these lovely products, and it’s such a great deal. You will receive a full-sized Supercritical Chia Oil and one Highlight of the Day in your choice of 4 shades – Golden Hour, After Hours, Afternoon Delight, and Happy Hour. (Afternoon Delight is my current favorite.) This is a $102 value for $59 so be sure to get your hands on one before it’s over!

Also, there are 5 more curated discovery boxes by Beauty Heroes ambassadors! Be sure to check them out as well because they are all such fantastic deals!