Oh, Cabernet, why must you be so delicioso?

So I had been planning on writing an entry this evening, but then I casually suggested opening a bottle of wine to my husband, who wholeheartedly agreed and then we drank lots and lots of wine and now I’m pretty drunk. No, not DRUUUNK, but definitely feeling warm and happy. I also know I’m tipsy because I am sitting here with my iPod earphones blasting “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys into my ears. Hell yes. When I hit the sauce, I always find it necessary to blast music for hours on end, just to dissect chord progressions, lyrics, etc. I adore all kinds of music. Seriously, words can’t express. However, now that I have the good ol’ ball-and-chain around, blasting music isn’t very welcomed in the household, but HEY, that’s what my little earphones are for. Earphones rock. Well, I guess they rock unless you are earphone-less and trying to enjoy the silence (as Depeche Mode would say) and are in the immediate vicinity of someone who DOES have earphones on and they are belting out some harmonies completely out of tune. That’s not so enjoyable. But, hey! Not the case here! Don’t forget, I ROCKED the Ponderosa in Hamilton, Montana.

So, here I am, jamming out at my desk on a Thursday night. Good times. Gorillabuns, where are you when I need you most!

Jesus, I’m already losing my direction here. My whole point of writing this was to ask you guys something. What is your all-time favorite song? Ok, Ok, I know that can be a tough question…I have about 50. So how about this, what is your favorite song right now?