Countdown To Performance Art – Fall 2005 Edition

6 hours until my little sister will be in my presence for an entire week. In preparation, I’m charging up the camera, resting my liver and stretching my limbs. What shall our Fall Edition of Performance Art entail? The Summer Edition was Karaoke, so that’s out. I’m up for suggestions- I have been throwing around the possibility of an interpretive dance celebrating the vocal stylings of “It Takes Two” by DJ Rob Base.

Also, her husband, The Magnate, will be joining us this Thursday. Oh, the fun to be had.

I’m far too excited to write anything else at this moment- enjoy your Monday!


Sea Lions Gone Wild!

I’ve lived in 5 cities during the past decade. Major cities, not-so-major cites, urban high-crime areas and run-of-the-mill suburbia. I’ve experienced tornadoes, rough winters, droughts, major floods, you name it.

Never did I think that this would be our most pressing problem.


Calling All Harry Potter Fans

I have a Harry Potter dilemma. I am pretty sure I mentioned my overall “new project” mentality in one of my early entries- how I jump into whatever seems interesting at the time with such enormous fervor, only to slowly putter out over time. Well, I’ve done it again.

A couple months ago, I got a great deal on a set of the first five Harry Potter books. I figured it had been long enough, and that I would definitely enjoy the series. My all-time favorite author is Anne Rice, and although the Potter books are much tamer, they still have the whole witches and magic element that I love. I received the set in the mail, and read the first four books in about 2 weeks. Loved them! Couldn’t put the damn things down. And then, it was time for #5. All of the sudden, my interest completely disappeared! I would read a couple of pages and the brain would start drifting off. Drifting off to the land of unfinished errands, remembering if I paid the water bill on time, contemplating Brad and Jennifer’s divorce (damn that Angelina whorebag). Suddenly, I would find myself staring glassy-eyed at the same page I had been staring at for the past thirty minutes. What’s the deal? Why can’t I get into this book? I have seriously tried about 15 times.

So, here’s my dilemma. SAJ brought over book #6, and I’m thinking about skipping book #5 altogether. For those of you who have read the series, is it just CRUCIAL that I read #5? Frankly, I’m a tad disenchanted at this point.