Another Rockin’ Tuesday Night

As I sit here on the couch, drinking wine and watching TBS reruns of Sex and the City, I have to admit I luh-huved Aidan. Of course, the new and improved Aidan (not the scraggly Aidan from days of yore).

Remember the episode when he and Steve had the grand opening party for their new bar? And he and Carrie run into each other outside the back door? And he’s smoking a cigar? And he looks so HOT? And he feeds her cake?



America’s Next Top Sales Associate?

Last night I dreamt I was shopping at Neiman Marcus in the jewelry section and found this gorgeous turquoise necklace that weighed 50 pounds…I couldn’t stand upright because it was so heavy. I asked if I could get a sales associate’s help and Kim
(the lesbian model from America’s Next Top Model) appeared and was very helpful. A true delight, I must say.

She helped me pick out the perfect outfit (a ridiculously tight ivory silk corset thing) to complement my new necklace, and even carried my purchases out to my car where my husband Lenny Kravitz was waiting for me with bated breath.