Hi there.

First blog post.


Okay, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have been putting this off for quite some time. My amazing and talented husband took time out of his career craziness to build a website for me because I CAN’T POSSIBLY FUNCTION WITHOUT A BLOG! I mean, the thoughts! In my head! Must publish them to the Internet community!

So here’s the deal. My husband busted his ass to crank out a “platform” for my incessant babbling, and I sit here procrastinating. Procrastination. I have a tiny problem with that, but LOOK AT ME! Writing my first entry! This is a big step, compadres!

First and foremost, I must bring something to your attention. I really hate writing in that grammar school/outlining/noun/verbish way. Essays suck. If you choose to read my blog- which really, I understand if you would rather stick your head in an oven- you might notice that I tend to use a lot of dashes, dotdotdots, and incomplete sentences. Embrace it, my friends. Not that this is a problem with my 5 devoted readers, but hey, that 6th person just might pop out of the woodwork someday. And they might have an issue, but guess what? I can just send their ass back to reference the August 3, 2005 entry. Don’t mess with me, peeps.

Secondly, what’s up with whoorl you ask? Well, it’s whirl misspelled, and I find that the definition pretty much sums up my thought process.

whirl (hwûrl, wûrl) – To move circularly and rapidly in varied, random directions.

Run. Run very far away.