Odds and ends

What do you love about the way you look? Great comments on this post.

Of the luxury items I purchased this year, this one wins by a landslide. I carry it constantly. (I have many thoughts on the different sizes…should I write a full post?)

Best TV shows of 2022.

If you are looking for a lovely gift for a skincare lover, look no further than this set. (15% off with WHOORL15.)

Speaking of incredible skincare, the African Botanics website is 20% off with code WHOORL22 through Sunday! Here are my very favorites from the brand.

There’s no such thing as a good cold.

Freezable soup recipes FTW.

I know of many people using this diabetes injection to lose a few pounds, creating shortages for diabetics who actually need it. #shakingmyhead

Best celebrity outfits of 2022.

Hidden references in The White Lotus.

Bath lover? True Botanicals does it again with this soak and this bubble bath. Both Whoorl-approved! (WHOORL15 for 15% off.)

Hahaha, tunics.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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Odds and Ends

Looking for a Thanksgiving movie to get you in the mood? Here you go.

Starting right now, 20% off all Gen See makeup with the code WHOORL20. Be on the lookout this morning – I will be sharing my favorites on IG Stories!

I’ve known Deb since the early blogging days so I’m over the moon about her new cookbook. It’s a must!

Season 5 of The Crown is the new Ambien.

I just purchased this golden carousel candle for the holidays – it reminds me of childhood nights watching the candlelight dance…mesmerizing.

All of the 2022 National Book Award Finalists, read and reviewed.

Joan Didion’s priceless sunglasses.

The Saie Super Gel Duo Set is marked down to $22! #totalsteal If you are looking for a completely natural sheen (no glitter or shimmer!) for your face, these two shades are gorgeous. Great for a gift too.

Mexico’s haunted island of the dolls. No thank you.

It’s soup season. Here are tons of easy recipes.

Up tp 25% off Kosas starts today, no code necessary. I will always be obsessed with Stardust Lipstick, Revealer Concealer in 3.5, and my newest obsession is the Plump Vegan Collagen Spray Serum. (I swatched tons of their lipsticks here.)

The case for traveling alone.

Gonna need to make this ASAP. Yum.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and holiday week ahead!

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