Odds and Ends


1. Wow. Is this a joke? This has to be a joke, right? #worstchurchsingerever

2. These mats are absolutely adorable. (They make rugs too!) If you want to pull the trigger, use the code WHOORL for 10% off!

3. My Grandma The Poisoner. One of the most compelling things I’ve read in awhile. Can you imagine?

4. Flipping the script on living life as a person of color. These photos tell it all.

5. Feminism doesn’t mean liking every stupid woman you meet. Preach.

6. Okay, this is pretty funny. Someone is rearranging Ivanka Trump’s new book display.

7. The Trump presidency is falling apart. What do you all think about this?

8. If you’ve ever considered wearing super duper shorts this summer, here’s an excellent decision tree for ya.

9. The personal essay boom is over. Do you agree?

10. Well, listen, if we are going to be stressed, we might as well make it work for us.

11. OMG. I loudly guffawed at this video several times. Enjoy.

Happy Friday! We will be enjoying a staycation, so check out my Instagram stories for a look at life here in OKC!

image credit: harley quinn & co