Odds and Ends


1. “What makes you a good person to others (and not just to yourself) is the same thing that makes me, or anyone who can afford the occasional $12 cocktail, a good person: Your vote. Not your coat.” Highly recommend reading this piece.

2. Good people doing good things. This teen is tops in my book.

3. Ikea joins the small group of advertisers willing to talk about divorce.

4. Wita gazed into this store with stars in her eyes last week and I just about died.

5. What caused the death of craft cocktails? Glad they are coming back.

6. Have you downloaded iOS 10? I did, and now I can’t get my phone to open without 49 tries. Why am I suddenly so iPhone challenged?

7. Iris Apfel emojis! Best ever!

8. How Obama’s female staffers made their voices heard.

9. Hey guys, how is Hillary Clinton still alive? Heh.

10. Total cake fails.

11. Best exchange between a mother and daughter in the tampon aisle in the history of ever.

12. I knew my kids were geniuses for a reason.

13. Hey! Try pinksourcing to cut back on business costs!

14. Kids are horrendously awesome. #8 made me cackle.

15. I desperately want to be in one of this artist’s doodles.

Happy Friday! Also, when is Fall going to get here already?!

image credit: wendover art group

  1. Jeanne

    September 17, 2016 at 7:55 pm

    Wita is old enough for Justice? Noooo. I’m glad we’re past that stage. Oh but wait…. now they graduate on to Pink and Lush. Sigh.