Odds and Ends


1. What it means if you have the letter “M” on your palm. Interesting.

2. Oh, have you seen The Last Message Received Tumblr? Has it ever happened to you?

3. If the gym were a wildlife TV show. Pretty funny – a bit long, but funny.

4. Did you all know that Oklahoma is being hit with (some sizable) earthquakes almost daily? And I thought I left that phenomenon in California. (p.s.- I have felt far more quakes in Oklahoma this past year than my 12 in California combined.)

5. An old person’s guide to Snapchat. I seriously tried, you guys. I can’t figure it out.

6. Best advice for drinking more water. Why is it so hard sometimes?

7. Chipotle is closing every single one of its stores for a day. Have you stayed away in recent months?

8. Ladies, I finally found a bra that is comfortable, pretty and comes in tons of colors. In love. (psst – go up a cup size.)

Happy weekend to all of you!

image credit: stine leth