Odds and Ends


1. 11 hacks scientifically proven to make you feel closer to your partner. I think it’s legit.

2. A Donald Trump portrait made of 500 dicks. Enough said.

3. Surely you saw the Irish guy who filmed his entire trip to Vegas in the wrong direction.

4. Listen, I don’t eat gluten, which rules out most pies, but I would totally eat a Patti LaBelle pie after seeing this review.

5. 10 maps that will change the way you view the world. The internet one. Wow.

6. Great post on divorce. I’ve always loved Serge’s writing.

7. YES. I knew I was a creative genius. What’s that noise? Do you hear that?

8. How cool is this teacher? Makes me misty.

9. Alice Bradley started a new podcast on mental health, and I’m totally digging it. I mean, how could you NOT love a podcast called “The League of Awkward Unicorns?”

10. How much sex makes you happy, according to scientists. Do you agree?

11. 5 groups doing important work with the refugee situation. Also, did you know Anne Frank was another refugee denied by the United States?

12. Completely impractical shoes that I’m lusting over. Hello, holidays.

Happy weekend to you and yours!

image credit: robert motherwell