odds and ends


1. How unique are those floral mandalas?

2. Beard oils, beard tonics, beard balms, oh my!

3. Three steps to profound healing. Written by a hot dude.

4. Why having a good diet isn’t the only answer to being healthy. Preach.

5. How many of these have you read? I’ve read 5. I suck.

6. Does this really work? Although, frankly, can we just ban telephone calls altogether?

7. Look at these dreamscapes created in a tiny studio. UNBELIEVABLE.

8. Resolutions after a trauma. One of the most beautiful and touching pieces I’ve read in a very long time.

9. Are you at a crossroads of “should” and “must?” Then, you simply must read this.

10. Short capsule wardrobe update – the week started off a little ho-hum, as looking at my stark closet was a bit sad, but I have to say that choosing outfits is a breeze. I did have a little edit though – I got cocky and included a pair of jeans that I actually hadn’t received yet, and they didn’t fit upon arrival. I also traded out one shirt right after I created the capsule image last week- so those two items (jeans and shirt) were switched out in the graphic. #firstworldproblems (The two items are this and this, if you are wondering. I’m in love with the Mother jeans – they fit like a dream.) Also, another observation – thank God for scarves. Hallelujah.

Happy weekend!

One thought on “odds and ends
  1. Traci

    January 9, 2015 at 11:02 am

    #9. So good!