Odds and Ends


1. I updated my Pinterest Beard board for you. You are welcome.

2. Don’t forget the awesome, amazing, I-TOTALLY-went-overboard-yesterday Madewell shopping promotion going on through this weekend.

3. Grandparents accidentally tagging Grandmaster Flash on Facebook. Hahaaa, classic.

4. This made me laugh so hard. When I start worrying about not posting enough, I remind myself that NO ONE REALLY CARES.

5. The Pope‘s the man.

6. Rage Against the Marching Band. (The chick in the red shirt kills it!)

7. Who doesn’t love photos of Audrey Hepburn?

8. Puppies underwater. Enough said.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Hug your loved ones and buy that Fall sweater you’ve been pining over.


  1. Sarah G.

    September 19, 2014 at 11:38 am

    The blogger and Pope links were wonderful… but the marching band made me so happy that I cried. Those kids were so into it, and the conductor/teacher was the best audience ever! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lyndsay H

    September 19, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    OK, so I never got the obsession with Beard Porn until we had a Dad in scouting with us back in Oklahoma & he was Beard Porn personified. I became obsessed with him (and, in turn, so did Hubby) and we would follow him around and try to sit by him at the camp out. He had an air of mystery solely because of the beard.
    Yeah, when I typed that I realize how incredibly creepy it sounds. But his beard was magnificent! He looked like a ship’s captain.

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