Odds and Ends

Why we do things we know we’ll regret.

7 ways to say no. (People pleasers, this one’s for you!)

Winter’s gonna be here in no time – get ahead of the game and start using this hydrating serum now. #trustme

The FBI’s murder rate mystery.

Will abortion be enough to save Democrats in November?

I’m totally Team Candy Corn, but don’t think I’ll be partaking in this.

By now you know I have the most temperamental skin (not just my face!) and this has changed my life, specifically arms and torso. My KP friends, run don’t walk!

Are we watching Dahmer? I want to, but I’m afraid I’ll be up all night.

Percussionist adds drum sountracks to viral videos.

My picks for teen skincare.

A whirlwind timelapse of Google street view images. Super cool.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: vintage.dreamings

One thought on “Odds and Ends
  1. Althea B.

    October 8, 2022 at 12:27 pm

    Highly suggest skipping Dahmer, I had nightmares 2 nights in a row in addition to regressing back to my 6-year-old self and closing closet doors because the dark = monsters. I did not finish it and moved directly to Marcel the Shell-that’s content I can consume right now. :)