Odds and Ends

My love for Avene knows no bounds and they just launched a retinal product. I’m already testing it out and am so excited to share thoughts soon.

Cutest summer tote.

Why are American chips so boring?

So excited this project is ready for you all to see! Here’s the first of 3 videos of me getting to know some of the most innovative chefs in OKC. I had so much fun making these.

I recently added this mask back into my weekly routine and am reaping the benefits. Take a look at the glow for yourself!

Our home was featured in Better Homes and Gardens! Online version here.

This week’s news has been a huge blow to women’s bodily autonomy. Why I’m pro-choice.

In a post-Roe climate, 9 legal experts share what rights the Supreme Court might target next.

How I finally learned to dress like a mom.

10 best countries for Americans looking live abroad.

Welcome to the middle-aged restaurant.

I tend to buy one activewear-type summer top in every color each year and this one is it for 2022.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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One thought on “Odds and Ends
  1. Concetta

    May 13, 2022 at 12:06 pm

    OMG Wito! He’s so big!! And Wita is still such a doll. Gorgeous house!