Odds and Ends

I have a new eyeshadow obsession – these are so easy to wear for everyday looks!

There’s French girl style and then there’s French woman style.

The 9 months of pregnancy, ranked from worst to best.

I finally updated my What I’m Using page – every category you could possibly imagine!

The radical woman behind “Goodnight Moon.”

It’s Black History Month – check out these fantastic Black-owned beauty brands.

The COVID jerk.

Almost 50% off these incredibly cozy slippers.

14 U.S. cities that feel like Europe.

I’m so excited to re-introduce retinol back into my skincare routine…this has been my #1 pick for years.

The Winter Olympics are here! What’s up with figure skating scoring?

Did you watch the “And Just Like That” finale last night? I’ve been enjoying this Instagram account with all the fashion details.

Happy whatever day it is! We’re on day 3 of school cancellations due to snow and I don’t know which way is up. Wishing you a great weekend!

image credit: helen frankenthaler