Odds and Ends

This serum is rocking my world. If you want straight-up hydration and glow, look no further. (20% off today!) I’m using it morning and night and is incredible.

Cake is better frozen. Say what?

A lament for Steve Brady. Poor guy.

What the hell is happening with this unknown space object?

The SAT is going digital! (And will only be 2 hours.)

Does it seem like hyaluronic acid serums are drying out your face? This might be why. Gosh, I love Dr. Idriss so much.

Kosas reformulated their 10-second eyeshadows and I’m so happy. They are far less glittery…just a beautiful subtle sheen this time around. Blaze is my favorite and I apply it here.

Did you see my Ilia Super Serum vs Kosas Tinted Face Oil showdown?

I love cold crunchy vegetables so this recipe is my dream.

Should we just freeze ourselves until things are more stable?

This made me laugh…imagine reading this tweet 2 years ago. It’s practically a foreign language.

Happy Friday! Just over here wondering if my headache and fatigue is COVID or my period, as one does. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: dustin dorr