Odds and Ends

2022 hair trends. (Bangs are never a trend for me, they are a liiiiiiifestyle.)

Are you an estate sale junkie like my husband?

It’s official. Jones Road Mascara has taken the top spot away from my beloved Ilia Limitless Lash. So much volume without ANY smudging or flaking. (Use WHOORLJONES to get 10% off!)

Omicron means parents are doing it again, this time dead inside.

Making this soup pronto.

I am dying over the new colors of this new style of leggings. Want them all.

100 ways to improve your life without really trying.

Avene extended their 20% off sale and everyone should have this on hand. Code is BFF20!

Things learned by a 40-year-old over several decades. Some good ones in this thread.

I’m the queen of sweatpants lately and these are good.

How to get a fragrant tween to take a shower.

To breed or not to breed? Things certainly look less than stellar right now.

A thread of 52 essays readers love.

I absolutely CANNOT get with the zigzag part. Make it stop.

Sardoodledom. I would laugh too.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. We were supposed to be leaving today for my daughter’s volleyball tourney in St. Louis, but it was canceled due to 15 out of the 19 teams having COVID. Yes, you read that right. 15 of 19. It’s everywhere, friends. Stay well!

image credit: kristen giorgi studio