Odds and Ends

The app that reminds you you’re going to die.

Lovely fall candle options if the typical pumpkin spice scent isn’t your jam.

Cozy but chic wrap jacket FTW!

Squid Game too much for you? Here are some softer scary movies.

How TikTok’s favorite mom winds down for the day.

Obsessed with this fleece jacket for my daughter. Love the color and contrasting zipper.

Halloween costumes we already have in our closet.

I’m officially moving from a full-fledged wallet to a card holder. Love this one but can’t decide which color.

The rise of the influencer sex worker.

Self-professed Queen of Cream Blush over here and these new ones in Havana and Chai are lovely. (Free shipping in October!)

Great interview with Dave Grohl. (He’s been one of my favorites since the start.)

Let’s do a mini deep dive into the royal family’s astrological charts, shall we?

The fall and winter seasons seem to be when I receive messages about perioral dermatitis the most. Here are my tips.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a Happy Halloween!

image credit: jamie beck