Odds and Ends

I thank my lucky stars almost every day that this jaw massager came into my life.

Mercury is in retrograde for the last time this year but what does that really meeeaaaan?

One hopes nobody is taking medical advice from a Real Housewife of OC. Yikes.

Nothing beats a trench coat for the fall – it’s soooo chic and a personal staple in my closet. This trench is lovely and the price is even better!

ABC’s new “Wonder Years” reboot centers a black family in history. Are you watching?

Obsessed with this collared cashmere sweater. #swoon

I love a good berry/plum lipstick for fall and this Bitten Lip Tint in Bisou is such a lovely, subtle everyday shade. (It looks much darker in the tube than it goes on.)

Ancient footprints suggest humans lived earlier in the Americas than we thought.

Dollar Tree is branching out. #punny

Whole Foods and other major retailers are now accepting cryptocurrency. Do you use Bitcoin?

I was looking for something in my blog archives and found my daughter’s daily outfit posts when she was itty bitty and about died from the cute overload. Where does the time go?

New haircare alert! I’ve been using the Ceremonia line the past few weeks and I LOVE IT. (Smells so yummy and I love the price too!)

I’m telling you right now, this will be me in 40 years. lolololol

Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

image credit: alberthbyang

One thought on “Odds and Ends
  1. Cindy

    October 3, 2021 at 11:04 pm

    I have the Everlane sweater in Blue Lagoon! It lives up to the hype. So soft, really great style lines, and the color somehow goes with everything?