Odds and Ends

What’s up with all the celebs talking about how they don’t bathe? This video by Luvvie Ajayi Jones had me rolling.

Have I convinced you to start using retinol yet? I mean, I drew a map on my face and all!

What unvaccinated patients have told this doctor while in the ICU. It’s not just anti-vaxxers, you all.

Did last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests change anything?

I’m officially in love with this cream eye shadow! I’m wearing it here. (Sepia and Dusk are my favorites.)

I never thought I would love pigeon feather murals so much.

What do you wear to sleep? I’m all about poplin cotton pajamas. 100% cotton, no messing around.

How masks hold up with the different variants.

The 90s are back something fierce. Grandpa cardigans, converse, and these jeans are all my daughter wants to wear this fall.

Jennifer Aniston defends her decision to cut unvaccinated people out of her life.

School’s starting and COVID is on the brain. (Can you tell from the links in this post?) Good thing I have my jaw massager.

I know some of us are a bit angsty right now, but let’s stop taking it out on restaurants.

Happy Friday eve! This post is a little late after our insane week of canceled travel, but we are finally home and happy to be doing nothing at all.

image credit: dustin dorr