Odds and Ends

Me trying to have a conversation after quarantine.

My favorite SPF and foundation are 20% off this weekend! (Review on foundation here and sunscreen here.)

Millennials: a generation delayed.

BUT WHAT ABOUT GEN X?!? I feel really slighted right now. lol

For the ladies who like to keep their upper chest covered while working out/walking/etc, these tanks are really affordable.

11-year-old girl credits Law and Order: SVU for quick thinking that helped identify the man who tried to kidnap her.

What’s changing about your life post-pandemic?

Perimenopausal women, listen up. This is fantastic for hormonally-challenged skin and your face will thank me.

Got this in the oak color and liked it so much I bought the white one as well. Perfect for super casual summer days. (And you can wear it backward for a different tank style.)

20% off at Beauty Heroes this weekend!

Why yes, I do want to know what Michelle Obama eats in a day to stay healthy.

Have you heard of The Drop on Amazon? They host influencer-created collections that usually sell out in a day. They’ve had some cool collaborations – you can sign up here to get a text when a collection goes live.

This is the truest truth ever. #lookout #hangry

I have a new favorite place to shop online and my wallet hates me.

If my dog could do this I would love him a lot more. #kidding #kindof

I am all about the lipstick again and it feels damn good! Here are my 6 favorite intense shades.

Happy Friday! It’s my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow so we are CELEBRATING tonight. Hope you have a great weekend.

image credit: christopher dorr