Odds and Ends

1. Woman cuts her nails for THE FIRST TIME IN 30 YEARS omg.

2. Pandemic cicadas. What the what? I had no idea about the lengthy cicada life cycle.

3. Amanda Gorman on the cover of Vogue. Beyond stunning.

4. My top sunscreen picks are finally here! Be sure to check out the discount codes for my favorites!

5. I love Credo Beauty for many reasons, but their sustainability initiatives are impressive. You can check out the milestones here – love that they have now eliminated sheet masks, makeup wipes, and sample sachets.

6. Speaking of sustainability, Kjaer Weis (who has a robust refill program) just launched their Matte, Naturally Liquid Lipsticks and I am fully obsessed with the formula. Gorgeous shades that are long-wearing but do not dry out your lips. More details in my Lipstick highlight!

7. Fleabag, Season 3?

8. Middle-aged skateboard maneuvers. LOL

9. We are entering the biggest technological transition in history.

10. I am quite enamored with this Nike ad.

11. Biden is issuing executive orders regarding gun reform, but we need to get the Senate on board to push the needle even further. Here’s how to take action.

12. I’m not much of a shorts-wearer, but I love these for around the house on hot days.

13. BOGO on all Clove and Hallow Lip Cremes and Glazes! Use code PUCKERUP.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

image credit: the wild mother