Odds and Ends

1. My wonderful friend Christine Koh shares her wisdom on how to start conversations about anti-Asian racism with your family.

2. How each day of the week got its name.

3. Although I’m a fan of spot concealing FTW, sometimes foundation is necessary. I wrote about my top 3 foundations this week!

4. OKC, here are some great restaurants for daring dining.

5. So excited I can finally spill the beans about the Nue Co Barrier Culture products! They are wonderful for anyone wanting to keep their skin barrier healthy and supported. More info here and 30% off with the code BC30WHOORL until April 19th!

6. This bird is FEELING GOOD. (The caption is so spot on too.)

7. Do you track your food intake? I usually do not, but have recently started so I can learn more about what I’m mindlessly eating. (I am using Noom to track and help me lose some stubborn pandemic pounds.)

8. 200+ Asian American and Asian-owned beauty brands and retailers to support.

9. Is America’s great crime decline over?

10. *Weekend discount alert* 10% off all Neccesaire products this weekend with the code SARAHJ10. You know they are my faaaaave.

11. Jazz keys. So cool!

12. Oh! The Precision Buffer Brush that I use with my favorite concealer is currently 17 dollars and I promise you, it will be the best 17 bucks you’ve ever spent on beauty.

13. You all CAME THROUGH with 75+ testimonials for my Sephora Squad application. Thank you thank you thank you! The application process ends on April 6th, so if you haven’t and feel so inclined, you can leave a testimonial for me here.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

image credit: dein.tim

  1. Judee Lonnemo

    March 26, 2021 at 7:12 am

    I’ve been checking out the Nue barrier products. I’m glad I waited to purchase. Thanks for the discount code!

  2. whoorl

    March 26, 2021 at 10:54 am

    The Barrier Complex products are great and perfect for the upcoming warmer months!