Odds and Ends

1. Tell me you saw this cake cutting hack. I’ve been doing it wrong my entire life.

2. I just bought this for the holidays and I’m ready to wear it ASAP. #homefortheholidays

3. Did you see the swiss cheese model of pandemic defense?

4. I listed a sizable part of my closet for sale yesterday.

5. The best books for this holiday season. Heh.

6. Donald Trump’s political obituary.

7. Do you eat bread, butter, and anchovies?

8. Moms of little girls, this sweater is a MUST.

9. You know I’m not much of a podcast girl, but I’m really enjoying this one. I adore Tig Notaro.

10. A killer price for these boots!

11. Whoa. This street is insane.

12. 100 notable books of 2020. I’ve only read (am reading) one. #loser

13. I’m obsessed with these throws. (They are one of Oprah’s favorite things!)

14. This brand is quickly becoming one of my favorite lines for tops.

15. Jupiter and Saturn will be closer than they have in centuries over the holidays.

Happy Friday! Christmas is almost heeeeeeeeeeeere.

image credit: evelyn dragan