odds and ends

1. Four Seasons Total Landscaping will NEVER not be hilarious to me. This particular tweet did me in.

2. You all, I missed my calling. Maybe this is one of the things I should do in my new studio hahaaaa.

3. For those of you who are interested in the current lawsuits regarding the election, this Supreme Court attorney’s videos are super informative.

4. Have you seen the Purple States of America map? As you can see, I’m in the slight minority here in Oklahoma.

5. Interesting take on our country and I see where she’s coming from. Holding out hope for our future, though!

6. Stop with your cute bodysuits, Skims! I got Dusk and Juniper. (This particular material is way less restrictive than the actual shapewear.)

7. Has 2020 made your jaw tension so much worse? I’ve got you covered.

8. Award-winning short video on climate change.

9. I’m a real sucker for a batwing sweater and apparently this incredibly affordable one is a major bestseller. Black or camel?

10. Now you can see the COVID risk of attending an event anywhere in the country in real-time. Very cool. #alsoscary

11. DREAM TEE ALERT. Bought all five colors. #yesidid #whenyouknowyouknow

12. Really really really want to make these cookies this weekend.

Happy Friday! We have had such mild weather since the insane ice storm a couple of weeks back so we’re taking advantage!

image credit: matter store