Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends 7.17.20

Odds and Ends 7.17.20

1. Iconic album covers recreated by care home residents. This is BRILLIANT.

2. How a history textbook would describe 2020 so far.

3. Y’all, there’s a Schitt’s Creek Lego Set. I’m complete.

4. Did you see the two guys trying to hand out free masks in Huntington Beach? Hilarious yet totally depressing.

5. Speaking of masks, if we all wore one, we could get Coronavirus under control in 4-8 weeks. Mask up, my friends! My personal favorites are these ones.

6. One of my fave sustainable clothing brands is having a huge sale right now. I have several jumpsuits, dresses, and pants and they are all so easy to wear.

7. How to road trip safely this summer.

8. OMG, teens will try anything to score booze. Not the *worst* idea…

9. What an incredible big brother!

10. Are you like me, always freezing indoors due to blasting AC in the summer? This is the perfect top to throw over anything and look totally chic.

11. Is the moon’s south pole hiding something massive and mysterious?

12. How the American idiot made America unlivable. Great read.

13. THIS. I am constantly in awe over the cognitive dissonance surrounding this pandemic.

14. 80s kids will love this. Oh, the memories.

15. Wolves have helped to stabilize the ecosystem at Yellowstone.

16. Former Americans share the biggest differences in their lives after leaving the US.

17. Such a beautiful LEMLEM sarong. Also, this caftan while we’re at it.

18. The fact that there’s a PBS show entitled “It’s Okay To Be Smart” is the greatest thing EVER. This is a great episode.

19. My most-worn sandal this summer.

20. I started this and it is SO DAMN HARD. Like, the hardest workout I’ve ever done. #whysohard #bloodsweatandleanthighsplease

image credit: sarah walsh

  1. Maggie B

    July 21, 2020 at 11:22 am

    I started Tracy Anderson streaming last October and all I can say about your last link is: PREACH!!!!! The movements are so interesting, creative and effective but yes, HARD.

    The TA online community is diverse and the nicest, most supportive folks you’ll ever meet. They are seriously so great. It’s the community that makes the workout for me. I have no financial relationship with the company at all, this is a genuine experience paid for in full.

    • whoorl

      July 21, 2020 at 11:26 am

      This is so good to hear! I did the 2-week free online trial and now I’m doing the Metamorphosis Omnicentric for the next 3 months. If I’m pleased with the results, I’ll start paying the *gulp* $90/month fee. Had no idea about the online community -that is definitely a bonus!!