Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends 6.19.20

Odds and Ends 6.19.20

1. It is hot AF outside and I’ve become the Queen of lightweight, cropped workout tops. This one is my fave and this one is a great affordable option.

2. TACO BELL HOROSCOPES. Mine (Scorpio) is so spot on.

3. Masks are now mandatory in California. (Whereas here in Oklahoma, a burgeoning hotspot, we are hosting an indoor Trump rally for thousands. Should be just fine, guys! #SERENITYNOW)

4. Bye bye, Anthropologie.

5. 5 takeaways from John Bolton’s memoir.

6. In June, I’m donating 5% of my personal earnings from the Whoorl Skincare and Makeup Kits to the Loveland Foundation and Fitglow has offered to match me dollar-for-dollar! If you are thinking about purchasing one or both of the kits, this month is a great time to do it!

7. Now, this is some good news! #SCOTUSFTW

8. For those who only speak Christianese, an interesting piece.

9. I finally found the perfect high-waist, cheeky-but-not-too-cheeky bikini bottoms. (Okay, I mean, they are pretty cheeky, but SO flattering.)

10. I made this meal shared by a super-stoned, super-cool woman and it was effing delicious.

11. Buy this. I mean, just do it. Wear it after the shower, wear it by the pool, wear it around the house, wear it sipping rosé on your patio…I’ve had it for years and still get compliments on it regularly.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend – we are celebrating Dustin’s birthday and Father’s Day! #doublewhammy

image credit: marleigh culver