Odds and Ends

1. 15 signs you are an introvert with high-functioning anxiety. #wavingfromoverhere

2. Please tell me you saw this video of a woman explaining the pandemic to her past self. Hilarious.

3. Um. Woman saves a baby duck by carrying the egg around in her bra for 35 days.

4. Sephora sale is happening right now! Here are my favorite picks.

5. We made Negroni cocktails earlier in the week, thanks to Stanley Tucci. (Did he always have those biceps?)

6. Oh oh oh, Integrity Botanicals Earth Day Sale is up to 20% off and includes Osmia, Laurel, and La Bella Figure which NEVER happens. I love this, this, and this!

7. What most liberals don’t realize. This was such an eye-opening read for me.

8. Going through a pandemic or potty-training a toddler? Eerily similar.

9. Zoo animals are taking adorable field trips during quarantine. Cuteness.

10. Did you see this about the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds? #socoolbuthowmuchdoesitcost

11. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this hand cream pump to come back into stock.

12. Rob Lowe’s sons continue to troll his Instagram account and I continue to be entertained.

Happy Friday. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

image credit: xuanlocxuan