Odds and Ends

1. Yes, there is a CORRECT way to load a dishwasher.

2. When you should and shouldn’t trust your gut.

3. This video gutted me. Can you imagine how high women could soar without these never-ending societal pressures?

4. How do you do this math problem in your head? (I do 27 + 40 + 8.)

5. Wow, my nail shape is pretty boring compared to some of these.

6. Vintner’s Daughter lovers! Get a FREE 2ml Essence when you order an Active Botanical Serum. No code needed through the weekend. These products have a cult following!

7. Gender as we know it is over. I love this article.

8. Can you imagine if your ex-boyfriend was now dating Lady Gaga? Weird.

9. I bought these jeans a few weeks ago and am OBSESSED WITH THEM. The perfect (tiny) amount of stretch, but they still look like vintage cotton jeans. (Plus, my butt looks fine in them. Just sayin’…)

10. Spring Break is almost here! I adore these tanks something fierce.

11. I love Elizabeth Warren’s sense of humor.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

image credit: caroline bourles