Odds and Ends

1. Every single parent needs to read this. (Ugh. Sorry to start off the week this way.)

2. Every single parent should also watch this, but I promise this one won’t make you want to cry and/vomit. It’s so funny and SO TRUE.

3. I would like to eat every single one of these.

4. Speaking of eating, I made this earlier in the week and it was delicious.

5. This dress. This dress was made for me I WANT SO BAAAAAD.

6. How about a little end-of-the-year positive news? I think we all could use some.

7. I always knew Barack Obama was my favorite for a reason. So wise, that one.

8. The Hater’s Guide to the Williams Sonoma Catalog is back. Laughed so damn hard.

9. Have you seen these mystery bags containing surprises at 50% off?!

10. Listen, I’m not claiming it’s the chicest robe out there, but I am OBSESSED with mine. If you need a warm and cozy robe, look no further!

11. Southern Trips You Need to Plan in 2020. Guess who’s #1? Yeah…

12. Evangelical Christianity is not something I care much about, but this editorial written by the EIC of Christianity Today deserves a mention.

13. It’s almost the end of a decade. Here are 33 ways to remember the 2010s.

Happy Friday! Wishing you the happiest holidays.

image credit: libby vanderploeg