odds and ends

1. 13 wisest things Anthony Bourdain said about travel. I miss him.

2. Woman with freezer full of overripe bananas dies never having made banana bread. #itme

3. The 2010s have broken our sense of time. Can’t say I disagree.

4. The secret to productivity is to follow your energy. Love this.

5. This is the coolest little library ever.

6. Of course, my daughter wants a Hydro Flask for Christmas. #vscogirl #sksksk

7. Sesame Street stamps! Love.

8. Who said it, Trump or Jesus? Are you up to the challenge? It’s tough, guys.

9. Why am I so obsessed with mock neck blouses? Seriously, it’s an addiction.

10. Marie Kondo admits that the KonMari method doesn’t work at all when you have little kids. #youdontsay

11. Italian council is flooded immediately after rejecting measures on climate change. Kismet?

12. Man spends whole day dreading the fun activity he signed up for. I find this very relatable.

13. My mom gave me one of these for my birthday. Do they really make a difference? Intrigued.

14. This 9-year-old is INCREDIBLE. I could watch this all day.

15. Best holiday gift ever. (For yourself. Okay, fine, for your loved ones as well.) The cooling eye masks are EVERYTHING.

Happy Friday! I’m currently in Dallas for a quick little trip – hope you all have a great weekend!

image credit: bouffants & broken hearts

One thought on “odds and ends
  1. Carolyn Greene

    November 15, 2019 at 9:17 pm

    Thanks for the link to the Anthony Bourdain article. I miss him too