Odds and Ends

1. Wow wow wow, it’s so easy to get hacked these days.

2. SO FAMILIAR. Parents of middle schoolers, please enjoy.

3. Love is not a permanent state of enthusiasm. Great article.

4. I just love this sweater so much.

5. 13 life learnings in 13 years. #5 especially, forever and ever amen.

6. Woman quits job to spoil her husband like a 1950s housewife.

7. 4 “middle class” families share their income and share budgets.

8. Are there still people who don’t wash their hands after using public restrooms? OMG.

9. Ernst & Young tells women how to dress and act around men. Sheesh.

10. I just bought a bag by this brand and now I want all of them.

11. Got used legos? Donate them to those in need!

Happy Friday! It’s going to be a cold and rainy one here…I’m sensing Netflix to the rescue.

image credit: ines longevial