Odds and Ends

1. Fall DIY projects that help numb the pain of existence.

2. Imagine going through puberty wayyyyyy early.

3. Greta Thunberg is such a role model to those with Asperger’s. It’s HUGE for kids on the spectrum to see one of their own making such a difference. #neurodiversityFTW

4. I love this story of an older woman speaking some truth at a bookstore.

5. I miss Walkmans. Thanks, Sony!

6. Yo! Shopbop’s Fall Event ends today! Here are my favorite picks.

7. Did you see my May Lindstrom giveaway on Instagram? (Thinking of making a purchase at Integrity Botanicals to be entered? Here are my top 30 products from there.)

8. Am I the only one still gutted by the loss of Anthony Bourdain?

9. Hey friends, you deserve a partner who texts you back. Amen.

10. Do you take off your shoes upon entering your house?

11. African Botanics fans! You can get their $180 Le Masque Hydralift Intense for $49.95 this weekend!

12. A chef’s weekly food diary. I’d like to hire her, please.

13. Mistakes are embarrassing the publishing industry. Interesting.

14. I’m no ordinary woman. I’m a woman wearing a dress with pockets!

Happy Friday! I hope you have an incredible weekend.

image credit: charlottedreamsart