Odds and Ends

1. Please tell me you saw the photos of this little girl’s first day of school – before and after. Classic.

2. 39 of the worst hotel and Airbnb guests ever.

3. David Byrne launches a magazine focusing on reasons to be cheerful. NEEDED.

4. Your townie neighbor providing directions in your rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.

5. It’s Labor Day weekend and the sales are blowing up. Here are my curated picks.

6. I just about sank into the depths when the shampoo/conditioner that saved my daughter’s tangled hair was discontinued until I found a NEW duo that works just as well and is less expensive! #WINNING

7. This sand sculpture makes me so sad.

8. How dare dogs bark in a dog park?! THE AUDACITY.

9. Got this cardigan in Bone and I am chomping at the bit to wear it. (I want the Cider too.) Please drop 40 degrees STAT, Oklahoma.

10. Pinterest adds authoritative vaccine results to its search.

11. Gender-neutral pronouns can change a culture. It’s already happened.

12. Green skincare junkies, please please please keep your eyes on Beauty Heroes this Sunday. The best deal I’ve ever seen in green beauty is about to go down. Have you signed up for my newsletter? I’ll be sending out the details first thing Sunday morning!

Happy Friday! We’re heading to Texas for the long weekend. Hope you enjoy yours!

image credit: christopher doyle