Odds and Ends

1. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access is on! See all my picks here.

2. Serena Williams is fierce and gorgeous and all of the things.

3. “Can I pick your brain?” 5 words of DOOM. Maybe try this instead?

4. You guys, when did pop culture become homework!? Ha. #cantkeepup

5. How to cope with a friendship breakup.

6. Have you heard about the sonic devices that only teenagers can hear? Can you hear it?

7. My favorite waist-defining dresses. I get compliments on this one all the time.

8. Trying this new naturally-derived retinol serum. Will it make the grade? We shall soon see.

9. Speaking of retinol serums, will anything ever beat out my very favorite one? Not sure. Right now, you can get it (and anything from African Botanics) for 20% off with the code WHOORL until July 13th.

10. Very cool illustrations that take a deeper look at the everyday products we consume.

11. Always love a good beach read!

12. Parenting screen time coaches are apparently a thing.

13. We need more critics of color. YES TO THIS.

14. Tired of being the one who remembers ALL of the things? You are not alone.

Happy Friday to you and you and you.

image credit: aljahorvat 

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