Odds and Ends

1. Happy Pride Month! Remember the first-ever Pride was actually a riot against police brutality. So much more than rainbows involved.

2. Summer reading lists are my fave.

3. This woman wrote a 100,000-word doctoral on apostrophes and she’s my hero.

4. I’m doing 30 Days of Dresses this month! You can find all the outfits in the “Dresses” highlight in my Instagram profile.

5. Speaking of dresses, this one was the first to be highlighted. I adore it.

6. I have undulating feelings about Elizabeth Gilbert, but I really enjoyed this article.

7. Books lovers, we need to visit this hotel pronto.

8. Looking for a summer playlist? I’ve got you covered.

9. Fewer babies were born in 2018 than decades before. Here’s why.

10. How to get every email returned. Love this article.

11. Now that Game of Thrones is over, here’s what HBO wants you to watch.

12. Posted my updated evening skincare routine here.

13. This devastating Boy Scouts situation is making me ill.

14. EIGHT National Spelling Bee champions this year.

15. Always looking for an affordable fancy clutch for weddings and events. Love this one and it’s 50% off.

16. Aerial view of Shaolin Kung Fu exercises. So beautiful.

Happy Friday Monday! Hope you have a fantastic week. 

image credit: elizabeth mayville