odds and ends

1. Um, Lenny Kravitz’s 55-year-old abs. You’re welcome.

2. Return of the perm. My natural wave looks just like a perm so I should be happy? (I’m not.)

3. Year-long road trip for those of you who want 70-degree weather every day.

4. Woohoo! Right now, spend $125 at Beautycounter and receive a free summer sun set! (Set includes 3 oz sunscreen mist and 1 oz sunscreen lotion…these are favorites of mine.)

5. “Wow.” Love this video of a young boy moved by an orchestra.

6. There are Tinder profile coaches now. I kind of want this job.

7. Lady runs just like a horse. How and why, pray tell.

8. Most popular hairstyles of all time.

9. Half-yearly sale at Nordstrom right now. These are so good.

10. Game of Thrones men ranked as sandwiches. I’m on board.

11. Fried food kills you. Didn’t we already know this?

12. OMG. This swarm of bees follows car for 2 days to rescue the queen trapped inside.

13. 12 of my all-time fave beauty picks.

14. White sands are so beautiful.

15. I don’t think a female president is electable considering the last one only got THREE MILLION more votes than her opponent. Heh.

16. Always loved Keanu Reeves. Good article.

17. 84 degrees near the Arctic Ocean this week. Hold me.

18. Drowning doesn’t look like drowning. Always a good reminder as we approach summer.

19. Massive study shows that the effects of social media on young adults might not be so horrible.

20. The pleasures of eating dinner early. I’m a fan. Or I’m just old.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! School’s out for us so we are just kicking it summer-style.

image credit: nicola jane creative