Odds and Ends

1. If beauty YouTubers existed in 1999. This is THE BEST.

2. The 12 best cookbooks of Spring 2019.

3. Proof that cats are assholes.

4. If Elizabeth Holmes had wedding vows. (Anyone else still baffled by the whole Theranos thing?)

5. The key to decluttering your mind. A journal.

6. Kid coming from PE spends entire math class drenched in sweat. Hahaa, so good.

7. Being a mom to a middle schooler is one tough gig. Can you relate to this?

8. 15% off at Beautycounter right now. Buy this shampoo now and thank me later.

9. Parents of perfectionist children, this is a must-read.

10. The once-a-month lover. Interesting concept.

11. I love how Russell Brand interprets 12 Steps.

12. “Those of us who can buy a little novelty license plate with our name on it, and those of us who are fucked.” Haha, love this.

13. Shopbop sale! You know how I feel about this wondrous occasion! Many of my fave picks are still available.

14. How professional chefs organize their kitchens. This gets me hot. #organizationalporn

15. For my local OKC dwellers, this weather drama will make you chuckle. PREMATURE DECLARATION.

16. If you want to cry some serious tears today, read this.

17. We all know that The Great British Bakeoff is just full of happy happiness. Even off screen…how precious is this?!

18. Clouds in unexpected places.

19. Seriously, what IS Oklahoma’s geographical identity? I don’t even know what to say myself.

20. Okay, this Game of Thrones Oreo sequence is pretty cool. (Who is counting the minutes until next week?!)

21. Being selective about who you keep around is such a huge component of self-care.

22. Holy black hole!! p.s.- a woman is responsible for creating the algorithm to capture that shot. #womeninSTEM

23. I am obsessed with muscle tanks and these are my very favorite. Every color! LOVE.

24. What happens when women stop leading like men. The power of female grace, you all.

25. It took one massacre a month ago in New Zealand to change the gun laws. Come on, America.

26. Exercise makes you happier than money. Do we believe this?

27. Dad makes board game bedding so sick kids don’t get bored. Love.

28. This coffee and creamer gradient chart is taking over the internet.

29. Man, I love Dwayne Wade. A little misty over here.

30. The comments on this made my day. Can. You. Not. OKURRRRR

Happy Friday, y’all! Have a super weekend.

image credit: renee gouin