Odds and Ends

1. Midterms are almost here! Here are some actual excuses as to why some still will not vote.


3. Everyone needs a pointy-toe black bootie. Dreaming about this pair.

4. No one answers their phone anymore. I guess I’ve just been ahead of the curve for the past 20 years.

5. My favorite lip glosses in two new shades for the holidays! (15% off with code WHOORL15.)

6. This actually happened. In an elementary school. OMG

7. Four books that make Bill Gates feel optimistic about the world. (I’m reading this one right now by Harari.)

8. Children and screens. We knew this wouldn’t turn out well.

9. Do cats have bones? Ha. (Related: are Russian Blue cats one of the most hypoallergenic? Asking for a friend.)

10. Need these in every color for around the house. Cozy times ahead.

11. This young lady is so cool. Love those photos!

12. What is up with the photos on Martha’s Stewarts Instagram account?

13. On this week’s Selfie podcast episode, I dish about a crazy breathwork class I attended and Kristen interviews Lisa Leonard about finding space for yourself and getting off our phones.

Happy Friday. Hope you have a great weekend!

photo credit: mogensen lopez

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