Odds and Ends

1. My friend Gabrielle wrote the most incredible piece on abortion. Did you see it?

2. No words. This image will be burned into my brain.

3. Aphid shit is a thing. And it’s all over my car.

4. Have we created a tree monster?

5. I am perfectly happy exclusively wearing this lip gloss until my last day on earth.

6. Everything you know about obesity is wrong.

7. The Kavanaugh hearings are literally making me ill. #boyswillbeboys #stomachachefordays

8. Things we can do at the exact same time. Brene is always on point.

9. I mean, maybe we should listen to her?

10. Okay, this particular round-up has been kind of a downer, but here’s a little perk. You know my favorite beauty box, Beauty Heroes? Full post to come next week, but I curated one of the September discoveries for them! How fun is that? Mine contains Maya Chia goodies and is only $59. You can check it out here!

11. Speaking of green beauty, I’m so excited about this week’s Selfie episode where I interviewed one of my favorites, Dr. Sarah Villafranco! We chat about aging gracefully, exercise, and she busts some beauty myths. Loved this interview.

Happy Friday! We’ll be spending the weekend in Austin. Send some good vibes that the outdoor concert I’m attending on Saturday night doesn’t get rained out! #itsmyfavoritebandever

image credit: laura berger