Odds and Ends

1. This photographer of indigenous cultures is unreal. Such incredible shots.

2. 17 books that are unputdownable. Have you read any?

3. Um, we should be eating pork medium rare? Um, no thank you. #barf

4. I donned this last night and got so many inquiries. You can find it here – use code WHOORL for 10% off.

5. I’ve never been a logo person, but immabout to cover myself in swooshes. Did you see the first ad for television?

6. I’m still working through this lengthy article, but it’s horrifying. Why things like this are done to children, I will never understand. So upsetting.

7. You guys. Midterms are in less than two months. Are you registered to vote? Please make sure you (and everyone you know) are!

8. With that being said, did you read the anonymous Op-Ed article published this week? This particular response is completely on par, methinks. (Deep breaths, Sarah. #grrrrrrrrr)

9. Let’s talk about podcasts! Asked my Instagram followers their favorites and My Favorite Murder took top rank.

10. Ha, these book cover anagrams are so good.

11. This exfoliant is beyond incredible and is SUCH a deal for the next week or so. Trust me, you need this in your life.

12. My PMS is off the charts right now. (This country is a flaming ball of shit headed for straight for HELLLLLLLL.) Maybe these yoga poses will help? #againwiththedeepbreaths

13. Tell me you don’t want to curl up with this cozy throw this Fall. (psst – it’s 50% off.)

14. How did Kristen and I meet? Have we regretted things we’ve said publicly? These and other frequently asked questions on this week’s Selfie episode.

Have a wonderful weekend. This was both the shortest and longest week EVER.

image credit: conde nast traveller