Odds and Ends

1. When you need to pretend you are on a conference call. You are welcome.

2. Okay, guys. Is it really bad to use the phrase “you guys?” Because, you guys, I use it ALL THE TIME.

3. I love the public library system, and I love how they are adapting to this new world of social media.

4. School is back in session! Here are a trillion lunch ideas for your kids.

5. Hey! Here are 51 comedians who never forced women to watch them masturbate! How about that?

6. How some of the most creative people are mastering vertical video. So impressive!

7. Fine, no catsuit. Serena will still kick your ass in a tutu.

8. Comparing your menstrual cycle to the lunar phases. Frankly, ALL my phases are dark crazy wolf moons these days.

9. Dying professions. Kind of sad. (Even more sad that this is a slideshow ughhhhhhh sorry.)

10. This sweater WILL BE MINE. #fall #myfavoriteseason

11. On this week’s Selfie episode, it’s all about rolling needles on your face and putting jade eggs where the sun don’t shine. Oh yeah, we’re going there.

Happy Thursday to you all! Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!

image credit: theuncommonplace