Odds and Ends

1. Oh my lord, get ready for the waterworks. For real.

2. My girl Suzi just made the most comprehensive green beauty foundation guide I’ve ever seen. So good!

3. Adult siblings can make our lives healthier and happier. I concur.

4. Apparently, females’ eggs may actively select certain sperm. No biggie, this info just challenges the oldest law of genetics.

5. As far as kids are concerned, YouTube is the worst. Seriously.

6. More than 180 women have reported sexual assaults at a “reputable” national massage chain. Burn it all down.

7. The end of the social media era can’t come soon enough.

8. Do you know men like this? I certainly do. Don’t buy the “I know nothing” bullshit.

9. Last day for the MUN essentials set at a steal. 20% off + add the code WHOORL for an additional 15% discount.

10. I love Mark Bittman and his cookbooks. Interesting thoughts on Americans’ relationship to meat.

11. We need more of these types of comics today.

12. This is SUCH a good article on choosing organic skincare for your skin type.

13. An essential oils backlash is definitely brewing. Very interesting.

14. OMG YOU GUYS. Did you see the White House Christmas decorations?! We really are in the Upside Down.

15. What an amazing resource for having the tough talks with your kids. Saved to my favorites.

16. So, apparently, marijuana severely impairs interior design skills. Heh.

17. Adorable black/tan reversible tote. 48 bucks. Do it.

18. Did you know these foods look like this while being harvested? I did not.

19. Let’s just quit with the small talk, okay? Great.

20. I need all of these mugs. The last one is fantastic.

21. We started an Enneagram series on Selfie for my fellow personality test junkies! Last week’s episode was an overview of the Enneagram, and this week’s episode covers the Type 1 personality. And, well, because we like to keep it all over the place, we talk Botox as well.

Happy Friday to you all! We are going full bore Christmas decorating this weekend. Cheers!

One thought on “Odds and Ends
  1. Laressa Gallagher

    December 1, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    I think you could take a lesson from the Dad in post # 11 after your mean post # 14! “OMG YOU GUYS”