Odds and Ends

1. Let kids eat the food off the floor…it’s good for them.

2. Conference call bingo. Legit.

3. Why do the Irish hate U2? Interesting.

4. I’m afraid this has sold out since publishing this post (sold out in 12 hours last time!), but if it’s available, jump on it.

5. The summer bucket list of a 35-year-old. Hilarious. (And appropriate for a 42-year-old, as well.)

6. This is the last weekend to get $20 off $75 for you AND a friend at my favorite green beauty retailer!

7. After being told her head scarf was inappropriate by her employer, this kick-ass employee takes matters into her own hands. LOVE THIS.

8. Have you seen these SNL Twitter replies to Trump’s tweets? Laughing so hard.

9. This house makes me very, very uncomfortable. Yikes.

10. “Not flossing is like wiping your butt cheeks and not the crack.” Yep. Pretty much. Please floss, people.

11. Is the next big blue-collar job…coding? Possibly.

12. My physician recently recommended this book to me and, of course, I jumped right in. #suchasarahjamesbook

13. Last, but certainly not least, The Sale of All Sales starts today, and you better not delay! #poetandididntevenknowit

Happy Friday to you! We are off on another vacation next week – not sure our annual trip to the mountains a few weeks ago can be topped, but our old friend the ocean hasn’t let us down yet. Hoping you all have a great week ahead.

image credit: claire elsaesser

One thought on “Odds and Ends
  1. Ginger Lobdell

    July 22, 2017 at 4:45 pm

    I was wondering what you thought of BC’s Countertime! I tried a sample from my BC consultant, and loved it!