Odds and Ends


1. Clever peeps! #5, heh.

2. These colorized photos of immigrants are beautiful.

3. How to raise girls who are includers instead of mean girls. (Mean girls usually have mean girls for mothers, at least that’s my experience. You?)

4. Things that some women fear that many men don’t even realize.

5. This. Yes. If you feel lost, career-wise, this is a must-read.

6. Morrissey + Cheesy Infomercial Screwups = Genius.

7. You all must check out Penny Candy Books. A new children’s book publisher whose literature reflects the diverse realities of the world we live in, both at home and abroad. Social justice, adoption…subjects that speak to a broad range of human experience. (Why has it taken so long? So happy Penny Candy is on the scene.) The first two books are both fantastic – A Gift From Greensboro and The Not In Here Story. Both are beautiful for adults and children alike, and I highly recommend!

8. I am really feeling high-waisted leggings for my yoga classes recently.

9. Addiction. A letter from the addict to her mom. Makes me so sad.

10. “Broken hearts and broken bones are all the same to our brain.” Why your heart physically hurts when you are emotionally sad.

11. The ultimate guide to not being a shitty human. I like it.

Happy weekend! Today felt like the first day of Fall, and I’m loving it.

image credit: Veron Urdarianu

  1. Roxanne

    October 7, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    Here is something really interesting: I was about to share the article about things women fear that mean don’t realize and I instantly stopped dead in my tracks because I thought to myself, “what if I share this, it ends up in the wrong hands and some evil man uses some of these to his advantage?”

    That, to me, perfectly describes what it is to be a woman. Thanks for always sharing such thoughtful content, Sarah! XO

    • whoorl

      October 7, 2016 at 7:05 pm

      EXACTLY. xo